Marriott Hotels .Yuma's local Marriott hotels have taken trust with Desert Arborist and their staff by consulting their services for all (3) Marriott Hotels located within Yuma, Arizona.
Flo Madrid Reference.Flo Madrid is a citrus grower and does much of the work himself. But when it comes to his dozen or so trees, he calls Desert Arborist to manage their health.
Instructor WOW Factor .During Alex's classroom instruction, he has WOW'ed the instructors within his knowledge and enthusiasm. The instructors questioned why he had not taken the exam sooner, Alex's reply. "I did not think of it, but as soon as I found out about it I signed up!".
Desert Arborist Welcomes Alex Gill  Alex will be providng consultatin to Desert Arborist and brings a wealth of information on landscaping, gardening, tree health and trimming. His skills have been mastered over the years of hard, dedicated work ethics. Alex will be receiving his ISA Certified Arborist certificate in 2016.

He has been attending an arborist structured class that provides guidance on becoming a bonified ISA Arborist. Desert Arborist currently has (1) Certified Arborist on staff and Alex's knowledge and thirst for knowledge is welcomed. Alex completed the UofA "Master Gardner" program in fall of 2014.
 With his skill set, Alex will be taking on developing the Lead Arborist Technician training, consulting with the work crew to best accommodate our customers. He will be capable of assessing tree issues along with lawn issues and provide the best answer for soil preparedness.

If the soil requires more in-depth analysis, Alex can take the soil to our in-house lab and have it tested for over 36 nutrients, basic PH and soil structure. Giving our customers immediate answers.