Soil types are in a constant change.With trees, plants, shrubs, grass, annual plants and crop rotation it is best to perform a periodical soil analysis to optimize your soil for nutrient absorption.

Need assistance? Desert Arborist will send a technician to your site for soil samples.

The number of soil samples depends on your needs and vary depending on location, type of soil usage and growth requirements.
 Even the poorest soil can be improved over time. With the correct type of mulch and organic fertilizer you can improve plant or crop health. A healthy plant is able to produce its own natural disease fighting chemicals.
 Healthy soil can delivery a superior product which translates to "money in the bank". Crop yield is critical and Desert Arborist takes care to calculate cost saving measures for maximizing profitable nutrient usage.

Compost nutrient concentration is important to know, this will allow you determine a better percentage to add for optimizing your money.