Alex Gill supporting Desert Arborist.Alex has agreed to lead the Team, his wealth of knowledge is welcomed.
 Commercial.Correcting soil deficiencies add to water savings.
 Residential. Healthier yards, less water usage and lush landscapes.
 We specialize in difficult projects. We are the bridge which merges old fashion landscape management with state of the art soil analysis for that perfect landscape care. A healthy plant provides beauty, glowing flowers and robust fruit.Soil Analysis Let us sift thru your yardage of soil and provide you with a treatment that will increase plant health. Testing of PH, Macro nutrients, Micro nutrients and more.
 Tree Management We provide the best soil condition, tree condition and pruning to your new or existing tree.  Soil Analysis We can provide soil analysis within a 24-32 hour period.
  Landscape Service We office soil preparation, conditioner and maintenance.  Emergency Issues Fell free to contact us at anytime for any reason.